Bar & Restaurant Branding
and Responsive Website

Crafty Chooks is a Free Range Rotisserie Chicken Restaurant and Bar based in Hove. They wanted to create a brand which was stylish and professional whilst not taking itself too seriously.

Crafty Chooks Logo

The line stroke outline of the logo works really well for underlaying imagery or textures. The line style has also been used across other parts of the branding such as the drinks menu.

Signage Design

The signage was created to be highly visible to passers by without being overbearing. We made great use out of the bi fold windows with vinyl graphics that don’t obscure the view in or out but promote the venue well.

The Crafty Chooks restuarant signage from outside
An outside view of the restaurant branding A close up of some of the restaurant signage.

Menu Designs

The menus were printed onto fiburus recycled papers to give a rustic effect and feel. They were then matt laminated to make them more resistant to splashes and spills.

Crafty Chooks branded menus in situe at the restaurant
A Crafty Chooks branded drinks menu. A Crafty Chooks drinks menu on a stand at the bar.

Colour Palette

Hex: 000000

CMYK: 0 0 0 100

Pantone: Black C 6

Hex: 9f9b92

CMYK: 40 34 40 1

Pantone: 0961C

Hex: d2402a

CMYK: 15 13 18 0

Pantone: 752C

Hex: ffffff

CMYK: 00 0 0 0

Hex: d7d3ca

CMYK: 15 13 18 0

Pantone: 7527C

Stationery Designs

The branding was carried through to all the stationery from business cards to tags on the sauces.

Crafty Chooks branded business cards Crafty Chooks labels designed to go on bottles of sauce etc.

Responsive Website

The Crafty Chooks website has been designed to show off the fantastic food and venue with beautiful photography. It is also packed with useful information such as food and drinks menus.

Visit Website
The Crafty Chooks responsive website displayed on three iPhones.
The Crafty Chooks website displayed in a desktop browser.

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