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I freelance at Code 7 an agency in Hove quite often. It’s a small web design agency which has a really good work ethic and atmosphere, I really enjoy working with them. The big bad boss Daniel Mason likes to keep staff moral up by taking us out for a lunch each month.

We use to go to the same pub every month and all order burgers. Eventually we started to yearn for pastures new to try some other burgers. Without realising we started to compare the restaurants burgers and thus a quest was born. The quest to find the best burger restaurant in Brighton and Hove!

As a bit of fun we decided the best way to quantify our results was to make a website where we could review each establishment we visited. We made criteria for reviewing burgers which is as follows:

    Just how mouth-wateringly juicy is your burger? Dry burgers are wrong.
  • BUN
    The patty delivery device is an integral part of your burger enjoyment. How did the bun stand up to our testing process?
    The money shot. How tasty is your burger? Did it tick all the boxes?
    Did your burger provide value for money? You can pay too much for a 99p burger and an amazing burger can seem like a steal at £20…and vice versa.
    This is that super subjective thing that makes each review unique. That je ne sais quois, that something special about the experience. Could be the special sauce, the atmosphere, great presentation, or it could be some french fries that make you wanna cry.

As you can see we take it quite seriously! We built a very pimping fully responsive website to help convey how prestigious it is to get top spot on our review site. It even has animated graphs!

a picture of the burger review home page

a picture of the burger reviews page

a picture of the burger review page

a picture of the bottom of the burger review page page

a picture of the burger review website mobile view

Anyway if you want to know where we recommend to get a decent burger from then please visit our Burger Review site.

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