Coffee branding
& responsive website

Drury Tea & Coffee were in need of some cohesive branding. We worked together to evolve the identity of the brand whilst maintaining the well established look and history of the company.

Price List Brochure Design

The brochure price list was created to help reinforce the quality of the produce created by Drury. The layout of the brochure makes it an easy read with professional photography used throughout to reinforce the quality of service.

A Drury coffee brochure resting on a wooden table.
The commerical espresso machines pages inside the Drury brochure. A close up of the speciality teas page inside the Drury brochure.

Colour Palette

Hex: f8971f

CMYK: 0 49 99 0

Pantone: 1375C

Hex: 503829

CMYK: 44 61 72 59

Pantone: 476C

Hex: fefad1

CMYK: 1 0 22 0

Pantone: 7499C

Hex: b4b2a3

CMYK: 18 14 26 16

Pantone: 7535C

Responsive Website Design

Drury were an early adopter to responsive web design. The site showcases all of their wholesale services as well as their fantastic Café and retail shop in Hove.

Visit Website

The Drury website displayed on 3 iPhones.
The Drury website displayed in a desktop browser.

Nexus 7 Presenter

Rather than presenting all of their services to potential clients with lots of costly and wasteful printed materials, we created a presentation on the Nexus which showcases all of Drury’s services in an impressive slideshow.

The Drury Nexus 7 presenter with some screens featuring Michel Roux, Jr and coffee beans.

Loyalty Cards

To help increase repeat custom to Drury’s Café I created a loyalty card which offers a free tea or coffee after you have collected 9 stamps.

Drury branded loyalty cards.

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