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Crafty Chooks is a Chicken Rotisserie Restaurant and Bar based in Hove. I was fortunate enough to be given the opportunity to brand the company and help launch the flagship restaurant.

You can check out the whole branding project here. Since the launch I haven’t had the opportunity to actually try it out! So whilst my Uncle was over visiting from Canada I thought I would take him and the family out as a treat.

The exterior of Crafty Chooks on a busy (and hot) night

As you approach the restaurant you are greeted with some strong exciting signage, you wouldn’t miss it if you were looking for it. When you enter the restaurant you get a real sense of character with the beautiful and trendy interior design done by designLSM. The second thing that hits you is the smell. Lots of really warm wholesome smells, it gets you in the mood for eating straight away.

Some tables and booths inside of the restaurant

The attention to detail is of a very high level. Even just the quality and shape of my glass felt unique to other restaurants. I was very excited to use the menu’s I designed and see how my family got on using them. They managed to choose their food and drink so I guess they worked well!

Our meals and drinks all around our table

The food followed the same level of quality. It was very well presented without looking pretentious. More importantly it tasted fantastic, I had the rotisserie chicken and it was extremely tender, very much like pulled pork. I’m glad I only ordered half a chicken as the portions are massive. The chickens used are free range and locally sourced. They must be some sort of giant breed as the amount of meat I got from just half a chicken was more than what you find on a whole chicken at a well known chicken restaurant chain that rhymes with bandos.

My massive portion of HALF chicken.

All in all it was a great dining experience and my family also thoroughly enjoyed it! Would recommend it to anyone who fancies a decent beer and some good food. I know they are a client so you might think I am bigging it up for ulterior motives but that’s not the case. If I don’t believe in a clients end product then I don’t rave on about it for free after the project is over. This deserves good praise as it’s a great establishment and I hope it goes from strength to strength. Go there and try it out for yourselves. Be sure to comment on the fantastic branding whilst you’re there!

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