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How I Branded My Wedding


Saturday 10th of August 2013 was the date that Yolanda and I set for our wedding. I wasn’t stressed or worried about marrying Yo as we had already been together for 6 years. What did stress me out however was the added pressure of being a designer and having to put on a well designed wedding.

Now this post could be 10,000 words long if I went into every detail that went into the wedding, most of which I had nothing to do with! So I am going to focus just on the design side of the wedding.

Me and my new wife Yolanda in a field

The Brand

I thought the best way to make the wedding a successful day was to treat the big day as a design brief. The slightly tricky bit of this was that Yolanda and I were the clients so we needed to figure out what we wanted to achieve.

After a lot of deliberation we decided we would like a 50’s inspired wedding with a hint of dog. We both really love the style and look of the 50’s and thought that a vintage style would make for a great look and ambience. We are also major dog fanatics… yes I’m one of those people, so we wanted to add a bit of canine to the occasion.

So the next challenge was to turn this brand idea into a reality.

Colour Scheme

To match the 50’s theme we decided to go with pastel colours as we wanted something that would complement the look that didn’t overpower.

Hex: abdee4

CMYK: 31 0 10 0

Pantone: 9412C

Hex: fffef4

CMYK: 0 0 4 0

Pantone: 311C

Hex: eed6e8

CMYK: 4 17 0 0

Pantone: 3221C


Yolanda’s Mum had kindly offered to make us some bunting, so for several months I was dragged from fabric shops to charity stores looking at materials that would work for the bunting. Helen did a fantastic job with the bunting, it looked amazing on the day and has since been lent out to about 5 other weddings. The bunting also gave us another concept to work into our wedding materials.

The bunting made by Yolanda's mum hung in place


Yolanda wanted me to created a unique invite which featured our dogs Hetty and Rufus holding bunting. We came up with the idea of a folding card which when closed looks like the muts are just holding a bit of rope but when pulled apart reveals lots of bunting and the invite.

Everything in place to make one invite

An invite scored and folded

The back of an invite scored and folded

A closed invitation

To make the invitation that little bit more special we had our own seal stamp made. It was to add to the excitement of receiving a formal invitation through the post. I had lots of fun using a waxing gun to heat the wax ready for stamping.

Melting wax onto the back of the envelope, ready to seal

A sealed invitation with the Y & G seal

Fortune Tellers

When sat at the table for the wedding breakfast, we wanted the guests to have something that would help as a conversation starter. We decided to make some Fortune Teller / Cootie Catcher paper games which had “interesting” facts about our relationship up to that point. We carried on with the bunting theme for the design. We received lots of positive comments on these, it certainly got them talking, nearly as much as the as the wine did.

The design of the fortune teller flat

A folded fortune teller resting on a table

A fortune teller in use by a wedding guest

Table Cards

For the name and table cards we carried on the bunting pattern theme. Bringing the dog theme back, we named each table after a dog in the family with a big cheesy photo of each of them.

A Jake table card on a table full of guests

How Did It Go?

The wedding day was a complete success. It was most probably the best day of my life! As for the wedding stationery it was such a tiny cog to an amazing event, but it did look great and it tied the theme of the day together nicely.

Don’t feel pressured to have a complete concept at the beginning of the ‘brand’. As you start putting together parts of your ‘brand’, other parts of the event will inspire you to be creative. It’s your day and having things that are special to you is important. This is what makes the day memorable. Not everyone would say that the 50’s, bunting and dogs is a coherent theme but it is all about the way in which things are presented. As Yolanda walked down the aisle our friend Cassie played a specially composed viola rendition of the Mario theme tune which represented our shared nerdiness of video games. Touches like these make the event your own and put everyone at ease on what can be quite a daunting formal occasion. Have fun!

Oh, and below is a stop motion video I put together using the wedding photographers images of the entire day. It’s pretty crazy!

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