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I have been working with Brighton based Estate Agents - Mishon Mackay for around 3 and a half years now. When I first started work with them it was for their website. Since then I have slowly been doing more and more print based work for them.

Late last year we began a redesign of the website as it was in need of a revamp and it also needed to become responsive. During the process we realised that the brand wasn’t working as well as it used to. That was because the company had grown and established new departments. As a result we decided to put the website on the back burner and focus on aligning the brand.

Last Thursday after months of branding work I presented the new brand to the entire company. Thankfully it wasn’t just me presenting. Deirdre Lythe, Mishon Mackays Marketing guru introduced the presentation and led discussions whilst Marc Cox, Mishon Mackay Director showcased the iPad presenter.

Mishon Mackay staff members sat at the branding presentation

I however had to give a 10 minute branding presentation explaining how we had solved the problem of the new departments needing their own identities whilst remaining part of the brand. In terms of the brand work I had done I was confident it would be well received but I was pretty nervous speaking to a room of 50 about it. I have never publicly spoken to that many people and I have never envied people who do it. I’m used to presenting to small groups but it does feel very different doing it to a larger audience. I felt I spluttered in parts and perhaps whizzed through the screens faster than I should have but all in all it went rather well. No rotten tomatoes were thrown at least!

I also had to present the beta version of the new website along with Chris Diplock. Chris let me lead the presentation because he is a massive wimp! I was much more confident presenting the website as it was a more fact based presentation. I spoke about user testing and user experience and also goal conversions. These things help back up the reasoning for the design whereas when you’re talking about branding you have to give reasons which are based less on fact and more on emotive reasoning.

Anyway the feedback was very positive and the audience had some great questions at the end. I hope that the new brand does them well!

Later on in the year I will have a whole portfolio page showcasing the new Mishon Mackay brand and website. But for now you will have to make do with this cheeky sneak peak.

A colour swatch of colours used for the branding

A mockup of one of the Mishon Mackay sales boards

A rebranded Mishon Mackay mini cooper, one of those post 2000 ones.

Branded promotional material. A Brighton and Hove Albion fixture list

A screen mockup of the new iPad presenter

A tentative glimpse at the new responsive website

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