Estate agent branding &
responsive website design

Mishon Mackay is a well established and very successful estate agent with 6 offices in and around Brighton. Being a progressive company, Mishon Mackay were looking to take their brand even further and establish their online presence.

Master logo & mark

Being a long established brand we didnt want to stray too far away from their original logo. However the brand has grown to a point where they offer a wide selection of property services. The master logo has been adapted to showcase all of their departments.

Master brand colour palette

Hex: 03295a

CMYK: 100 72 0 56

Pantone: 655C

Hex: f2f2f2

CMYK: 4 3 3 0

Pantone: 413C

Hex: ffffff

CMYK: 0 0 0 0

Hex: 3d4e66

CMYK: 81 66 40 24

Pantone: 7545C

Department logos

Each department has it’s own tailored logo and brand colour to help identify each service.

  • The Mishon Mackay sales logo
  • The Mishon Mackay lettings logo
  • The Mishon Mackay land and development logo
  • The Mishon Mackay new homes logo

Department colours


Hex: 3898d4

CMYK: 72 28 0 0

Pantone: 7688C


Hex: f88f1d

CMYK: 0 53 99 0

Pantone: 715C

New homes

Hex: d9185e

CMYK: 10 100 46 1

Pantone: 200C

Land & Development

Hex: 8dbf49

CMYK: 50 4 95 0

Pantone: 368C

Sales boards

Using the department colours we created sales boards that really stand out on the street. They help to promote Mishon Mackay the brand but also each individual department.

A Mishon Mackay sold board in use on the street. A Mishon Mackay letting sign in the street.

Responsive website design

The aim of the website was to present Mishon Mackay’s portfolio in the best possible way. By making the site easy to navigate and very aesthetically pleasing it has dramatically raised the amount of valuation requests.

Visit Website
The Mishon Mackay website home page.
The Mishon Mackay website on some iPhones.
A property page on the Mishon Mackay website.

Brochure design

Having a wide range of services, it was vital to create a showcase brochure that could be handed out to prespective clients to showcase all of Mishon Mackays services in greater detail.

The Mishon Mackay brochure being held open by someone.
The Mishon Mackay brochure map showing the office locations. The Mishon Mackay brochure open on marketing your property.

iPad presenter

When sales negotiators meet with prespective clients they use the iPad presenter to present all of their services. It aids the negotiator as a prompt and helps reiterate their services with a visual message for the client.

The iPad presenter showing a photo of a salesman and another photo of the office locations.

Car decals

Mishon Mackay wanted to update their fleet of mini coopers with their new more mature and professional branding.

The Mishon Mackay mini branded with the logo. The side of the Mishon Mackay Mini showing the decal.


I have also worked with Mishon Mackay on all of their promotional materials. This includes property printed advertising, business cards and even branded world cup match plan posters.

The Mishon Mackay section in an estate agent magazine.
The Mishon Mackay World Cup match plan. A pile of Mishon Mackay business cards.

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