Trying to meet a deadline? Or is one of your team off sick or on holiday? Whatever the reason, I can offer that extra bit of support to help your agency through those busy periods.


I live nearby to Brighton so I am happy to travel by train or by car to Brighton or Worthing for in house support. If your design agency is slightly further a field I am able to work from my fully equipped home office.

Freelance CV

Below is a list of brilliant local agencies I have worked/work for. I have freelanced on print and web design projects for large businesses such as Pfizer, Costa, Adidas and American Express. I have also worked alongside design agencies to help develop brand identities for local companies.

  • The Code 7 logo
  • The Harrington McDermott Logo
  • The Graphite Design logo.
  • The Gene Logo.

My Skills

  • Web design
  • User experience
  • User testing
  • Graphic design
  • Logo design

My Freelance Setup

I can work from your office computers or I can bring along my own kit.

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I cannot code. Instead I can design intelligently and work alongside coders to create well thought out and intuitive websites.

Want your business to look great? Get in