Gym Branding
& Responsive Website

Underground Gym were in need of a brand to launch their state of the art plate loaded gym with High Intensity Classes. They wanted to appeal to the mass market without losing their hardcore edge. They are now the largest gym in the Brighton area.

Underground Gym Logo

I created a logo which could be versatile across all media. The logo is sloping and the decenders in the ‘gym’ part of the logo has been cut off to create the illusion of the logo going ‘underground’.

Colour Palette

Hex: fff200

CMYK: 72 28 0 0

Pantone: 116C

Hex: 242424

CMYK: 71 65 64 71

Pantone: 16516C

Hex: ffffff

CMYK: 00 0 0 0

Hex: d92fca

CMYK: 28 84 0 0

Pantone: 3226C

Hex: 00ff9f

CMYK: 57 0 62 0

Pantone: 11514C

Signage Design

The gym is based on an industrial estate where the buildings don’t lend themselves for easy signage implementation. We used playful signage ideas inside and out to advertise the gym.

The Underground Gym signage on the entrance to the building
The Underground Gym signage on the buildings roof. Signage inside the gym

Responsive Website Design

The gym website needed to promote the facilities and prices to potential customers. It has several promotional videos which run in the background of the website and then in the foreground when selected. The focus of the website is to get customers to try a free fitness class or to come along for a free gym session. Goal conversion analytics show that over 10% of visitors to the site do just that.

Visit Website
The Underground Gym website on a selection of iPhones
The Underground Gym website displayed on a desktop browser

Clothing Design

There has been a big demand from customers for branded merchandise. It shows that the brand has a real value to it, which customers are willing to pay for.

Underground Gym branded clothing on a gym member Underground Gym branded clothing hanging in the gym

Promotional materials

From poster designs through to leaflet drops and even loyalty cards for the protein shake bar have consistent company branding. This helps the constant reinforcement of customer loyalty.

Underground Gym posters advertising HIIT sessions and Fight Night
An Underground Gym tri-fold leaflet detailing membership types. Loyalyt cards for cafe use in the Underground Gym.

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