How to set up a 25mm badge
for print in Illustrator


The folks from Simoney asked if I’d like to do a blog post for them explaining how to set up a 25mm badge ready for print. I happily obliged as I have had this issue in the past.

Step 1

Come up with a design. Obviously consider the size and shape of the badge. If the design is very intricate then people may struggle to see it. I decided to create a repeating pattern using my brand colours.

The seamless pattern we will be using for this badge

Step 2

Next step is to get your hands on an artwork template. The guys at Simoney provided me with a very easy to use template. Open the pdf in adobe illustrator. Download 25mm badge artwork template.

The template open in Illustrator

Step 3

Copy your design into the artwork document. Re-size your design to fit correctly around the badge. I have reduced the opacity on this design to help me align it centrally with the badge.

The template with the pattern copied into it

Step 4

Once happy with the alignment set your design back to 100% opacity. Next cut the design from the artboard by pressing ‘cmd(ctrl) x’ or by going up to ‘edit’ and selecting ‘cut’. The design should vanish. 

Step 5

Click on the outermost circle. In the toolbar palette at the very bottom you will see 3 circles. Select the circle on the right which says ‘Draw Inside’. You should see a crop box appears around the circle. 

Cropping the circle

Step 6

Now we want to place our design in this area. To get the design exactly where we want it we need to ‘paste in place’. Press ‘cmd(ctrl) shift v’ or got to ‘edit’ and select ‘paste in place’. You will see that your design is placed exactly where you want it inside the circle. Double click out of the area to exit.

The pattern pasted in place inside the circle

Step 7

Now it’s mandatory to keep the disclaimer on the badge. You don’t want angry parents on your case because their kid has pinned their eye out with your badge. Rather than the strong red I would prefer to have that line in white so if you want change it to another legible colour which compliments the design then go for it. Don’t worry it will only appear on the back of the badge. 

Changing the colour of the mandatory warning

Step 8

When you are happy with the look of the badge it’s time to get rid of the other artwork lines on the badge. Simply delete the blue and orange circles.

Step 9

Save out the pdf and name it appropriately and send it off to print.

Saving the file out in Illustrator on a Mac

I sent my badges of to Simoney for printing, they did a great job and had a fast turnaround. Below are some pics of the final product.

The finished badges

Close up on the front and back of the finished badges

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