With online marketing there are many ways to identify potential customers who would be interested in your product. This means we can focus our time and effort on these potential customers and get a much higher conversion rate.


You can do much more with analytics than just see how many visits you are achieving. We can set goals for your website such as ‘how many people are filling out the contact form’ and see if you are getting the correct conversion rate. By analyzing your stats we can make better informed decisions about your website and your customers rather than guesswork.

Some analytics screenshots illustrating a sites traffic and traffic sources

Email Campaigns

Perhaps you already have a large customer base but have new services that might interest them? What sets email marketing aside from the other forms of marketing is that not only is it direct but you can see results instantly. So within a few hours of sending out a mailshot you could have plenty of purchases ready to be invoiced. I can create targeted email newsletter campaigns which can be sent to any number of customer groups. With inbuilt analytics you can see just how successful the campaign has been.

A customised email campaign displayed in a desktop mail client

Live Chat

Don’t stop marketing once you have got a customer to your website, make sure you are going to convert that customer into a sale. With live chat you can have live conversations with visitors on your website. Impress and convert them into loyal customers before they move on to the next site.

With a super powerful CMS you can see who is on your website, what page they are currently on, where they live and what device they are using live! Engage with your customers to answer any questions they may have and see how this extra service converts the sales.

An example live chat module for your website with the back end for it on display too.

Social Media

People are increasingly using social media as their portal to the wider web. Using social media effectively can increase customer loyalty and help you achieve higher visibility online. Good Looking Design can help you ‘join the conversation’ and make sure your message is heard by an engaged audience.

Brand consistency is key. I can setup and design all of your social pages so that new and existing customers can recognise your brand instantly.

Branded social media tools, such as Facebook and Twitter


Reach new audiences by blogging. Talk about your business, promotions, special offers and tips to draw in more interest from the world wide web. You might find that your blog post ends up on another website as it is of interest to them. This will then draw in much more traffic to your website and perhaps new work.

Good Looking Design can advise you on great blogging techniques to help create a meaningful interest about your brand. The blogging content management system is a pleasure to use so you will soon be a seasoned pro.

A Wordpress dashboard in a desktop browser.

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