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Mock Up Tutorial


After creating a logo design for a client I like to mock it up onto products so they have a visual representation of how their product will look across different media.

In this tutorial I will teach you the rudimental skills to quickly mock up a logo design onto different surfaces using screen and multiply techniques.

Step 1

So lets start with a t-shirt mock up. Grab this picture of a grey tee and pull it into photoshop.

Step 2

Open your logo file and place it on top of the t-shirt. Rotate the logo so it is in the correct position on the t-shirt.

Rotate the shirt so it is in the correct position

Step 3

In the layers palette make sure you have the t-shirt layer selected. Then hold the ‘alt’ key and click on your logo layer. You should see a marquee outline around your logo. Right click and select layer via copy. This will have created a layer of the t-shirt shaped exactly to your logo.

Create a layer of the tee-shirt shaped to your logo

Step 4

Move this newly created layer to the top of your layers palette. Right click on the layer and select ‘Duplicate layer’

Move the new layer to the top and duplicate it

Step 5

This part doesn’t matter for this tutorial as the t-shirt happens to be grey, but on other colours this step is very important. For both newly created layers be sure to desaturate them. You can do this by going to ‘image - adjustments - desaturate’

Step 6

Set the top layers blending mode to ‘Multiply’ and the layer underneath to ‘Screen’. You should now be able to faintly see your logo through the t-shirt.

Set top layer blending to multiply and layer to 'screen'

Step 7

Hide the ‘Multiply’ layer for the time being. Select the ‘screen’ layer and then go to ‘Image - adjustments - levels’. Move the 3 arrows so they are positioned to similar levels as my screenshot.

Make some adjustments to the layer

Step 8

Turn the ‘Multiply’ layer back on and select the layer. Bring up the levels panel and set it to similar levels as the screenshot.

Turn multiply back on and tinker with more levels

Step 9

Drop the opacity of the ‘Multiply’ layer down to about 68%. Finally put the screen layer to the top of layers palette and it’s job done.

You're nearly done

The finished product

Using this process you can place graphics on lots of different products at great speed.

The GLD logo on a brick wall

The GLD Logo on a van

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