Golden Lion Group are a family run business who own 8 fantastic pubs and restaurants in and around Brighton. We worked together rebranding some of their establishments which were in need of a refresh.

Golden Lion Group Logo

The umbrella logo for the brand has had a complete makeover. I have created a one colour logo which can be easily applied across all media to help unify all of their separately branded establishments.

Hove Place Branding

Hove place has a wonderful garden to relax in during the summer. This is a real rarity in Hove, so we were very keen to advertise this in the logo. During the refurbishment of the pub the new branding was applied inside and outside of the pub to promote the brand.

The logo in place on a white brick wall in the pub
The logo on signage outside the post, one of those hanging post Hove Place being advertised at a local cricket ground

The Cricketers Branding

Established in 1547, The Cricketers is the oldest pub in Brighton. Being a listed building, Golden Lion Group were keen to maintain the history and classic style of the pub whilst still updating the brand.

The outside of The Crickets pub with custom signage.
A close up of the logo A The Cricketers staff t-shirt

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