Adapt Fitness

Inclusive Gym

Adapt Fitness is a new fitness brand focused on providing a high quality of service to its customers. True to its name, Adapt Fitness ‘adapts’ to its customers needs by providing an accessible layout and service so that anyone of any age or ability can make use of the fantastic facilities. I was tasked with creating a brand that offered a professional yet friendly environment for its clientele.

Adapt Fitness Logo on a navy background
Adapt Fitness Logo on a white background
Adapt Fitness Logo on a red background
Horizontal version of the Adapt Fitness logo

Logo design

For the logo my focus was to create an emblem that showed dynamic energy as well as togetherness. By combining the A and the F it subconsciously shows the company's ethos of adaptability. Using a contrasting three way colour palette it gives the brand a strong sporting presence.

A gym billboard displayed in a train station
Metal water bottles with Adapt Fitness logos

Branding & marketing

For external marketing it was key to convey the message of inclusivity, so materials would always showcase a wide demographic. The colour palette runs strong throughout external and internal branding which reinforces the brand from potential customers through to engaged clients.

A set of navy hoodies with the Adapt Fitness logo
A young man in a gym modelling the Adapt Fitness hoody
A set of gym business card designs


We carried across the brand colours externally as well internally with the additional use of organic materials to add a bit of warmth to the feel of the gym. The ‘AF’ emblem features on posts and walls as decoration as well as brand reinforcement. The gym also includes a sub brand: ‘Tribe’, it was important that it stood out against other branding whilst also making it clear to patrons that it was part of Adapt Fitness.

Exterior photo of the Adapt Fitness gymA close up of the Adapt Fitness large exterior signA red A F sign on a white brick wallRip & Ride, a spin studio
Gym reception area for Adapt Fitness
A dumbbell zone inside the gymA shot of the entire interior of the Adapt Fitness gymA large wall with gym signage sitting behind gym equipmentA low red wall with a repeating pattern using the brands A and F
Tribe fitness studio
A close up of the Tribe fitness studio logo

Adapt Fitness Studios

At another site, Adapt Fitness has a fitness studio based in Hove. I was asked to create a sub brand for the business and create external signage that would stand out against local competitors and catch the attention of passers by.

Adapt Fitness Studios Logo on a navy background
Adapt Fitness Studios Logo on a white background
Adapt Fitness Studios Logo on a red background
Adapt Fitness Studios on Blatchington Road
The entrance to Adapt Fitness Studios
A side view of Adapt Fitness Studios
Greg at Good Looking Design took our simple idea for a business and helped us form & create a premium brand. His extensive research combined with his experience has meant that even through challenging times when people see our brand they don’t just see a logo, they see the values we hold and the standards we set for our industry.
Wes Atkinson Director