VW Kampers

Camper Van Restoration & Sales

The sense of freedom that a VW camper evokes – playfulness, holidays, the great outdoors, beach bums, living closer to nature, drinking cider in a sunny field by the van. Camper vans are about life on the road, going off the beaten track, making home where you find it and being spontaneous. Working with VW Kampers, we wanted to create a brand that represented that sense of freedom and fun.

A logo design for a camper van company
A smaller version of the VW Kamper logo in blueA smaller version of the VW Kamper logo in redA smaller version of the VW Kamper logo in yellowA smaller version of the VW Kamper logo in greenA smaller version of the VW Kamper logo in pink


During the branding process, I advised VW Kampers that we had an opportunity to do something a bit different to set them apart from their competitors. So we moved away from the more corporate approach and went for something that would speak to the market. You don’t buy a camper for your commute, you buy one for the adventures.

My favourite thing about the T2 camper is the wide variety of colours they come in. Everyone has their own preference so I thought I would apply this concept to the brand. The blue van is generally used, but the palette is not restrictive.


In the camper community VW Kampers also goes by the acronym VWK, and so they were keen to also have an emblem. This mark adds versatility to the brand, working great on apparel and stationery.

Camper van emblem design
Camper van business card designs
Camper van sticker design stuck to a laptop
A sun cap with the VW Kamper emblem on

Applying the new brand

Using the branding on site has helped compliment the amazing vehicles that VWK have on display in their showroom.

A red camper van inside a showroomFour camper vans inside a showroom
The outside of a camper van showroom with a camper van signThe outside of a camper van showroom showcasing the new branding
I have been working with Greg for over 5 years on various projects for my companies, he always listens to what the clients wants and comes up with a clear, precise format and plan to achieve the design goals. He is very transparent when it comes to pricing and I have no hesitation in highly recommending him.
Ian Harris Managing Director