No longer taking on projects.

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No longer taking on projects

Sorry all, this designer wench is no longer available for rent. I have hung up my freelance slacks to be head of design at a new exciting start up. I can’t go in to details just yet but Christmas is going to be a very exciting time for us.

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Designer Wedding Day
How I Branded My Wedding

Saturday 10th of August 2013 was the date that Yolanda and I set for our wedding. I wasn’t stressed or worried about marrying Yo as we had already been together for 6 years. What did stress me out however was the added pressure of being a designer and having to put on a well designed wedding.

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Aurora Logo Photoshop

When I updated my website I destroyed my old blog as it was a mess. I have since had lots of requests for the old aurora logo tutorial I did back in 2011. Using the Way Back Machine I managed to find an old copy of the blog. Below is the new and improved version of the tutorial which uses smart objects and layer masks. This tutorial is of medium difficulty, newbs will struggle.

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Burger Review Website
Brighton & Hove

I freelance at Code 7 an agency in Hove quite often. It’s a small web design agency which has a really good work ethic and atmosphere, I really enjoy working with them. The big bad boss Daniel Mason likes to keep staff moral up by taking us out for a lunch each month.

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