Ah, I see you want to read the ramblings of a veteran designer. You will not find anything particularly insightful nor useful so read on at your own discretion.

Framer no-code Holo Image Reveal on Mouse Hover

Continuing from my earlier post in which I crafted a no-code holographic effect card using Framer, I decided to enhance that component by incorporating a holographic image reveal triggered by mouse hover.

No Code Holo Card Effect for Framer

Framer has recently released the ability for effects within components. I thought it would be cool to see if I could replicate the neat holo card effect within Framer. Turns out you can with 0 code overrides!

Figma, where did it go right?

Ah Figma, a true David vs Goliath story. How did it manage to take on the likes of Adobe and Sketch and win? Not only win, but absolutely blow them out of the water?

Adobe XD, where did it go wrong?

Hello, my name is Greg and I’m a recovering XD fanboy. Since the early beta days of 2016 I was enamoured with the prototyping software. Before then, I was still creating websites in Photoshop.

Stop designing one page fictional dashboards, they won’t get you a job. But this approach might.

Generally these dashboards are coming from junior product designers looking to land their first gig. We’ve all been there, trying to solicit our newly acquired skills to anyone who will take us. I’ve got some bad news for you, a fluffy one page dashboard won’t cut it.

Freelancing as a Dad – what to expect compared to an employed role

My first child was born in 2016, at the time I was working full time for a tech startup as Head of Design. I am now a freelance UI/UX and brand designer and in 2020 my second child was born. I have experienced parenting from two different sides of the working coin and I’m going to try to flag the major differences in this article.