Branding, UI & UX

Consul Assure

Data Migration Services

Among many other data services, Consul Assure helps businesses migrate their physical servers to the big virtual cloud in the sky. As a new business, Consul Assure asked me to create a brand identity with the brief being to stand out from competitors. Using a bold, contrasting, colour palette and animated illustrations we created something that did just that.

Logo for consul assure

Logo design & animation

Using the ‘C’ from ‘Consul’ and multiplying and reversing it three times, I created an isometric emblem that represented a data stack. Adding an animation helped illustrate the movement and compiling of data.


The focus for the website was to showcase Consul Assure’s services and big client case studies. So just keeping it simple, clear and engaging was the main focus. As a result we created a lightning fast site which looks great on all devices.

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SVG Animations

What really gives character to the website are the custom illustrations created by Meg Sayers , they help visualise the movement of data. To bring them to life I animated each illustration and exported them as SVG’s so that they were high resolution but small file size resulting in fast load times.

For our website, we required a company that were able to listen to our requirements and work in partnership to create a product and brand that was not only different from our competitors but pathed the way in a new standard of design for the data centre technology industry. Greg took our brief, researched the market, and presented ideas and design patterns that were unique and fresh. Greg’s talent in design and animation resulted in a website that was leading-edge, stylish, and modern.
Christian Nugent Director - Principal Consultant