Branding, UI & UX

Underground Gym

Mega gym chain

Underground Gym helps customers transform their physical and mental wellbeing. I have been working alongside the directors since day one, helping them go from one modest site into three award winning mega gyms.

Logo design & branding

The original gym was based slightly sunken underground, that gave the owners the inspiration for the brand name and myself the idea for the logo design. It was important to strike a balance with the branding so that it appealed to the hardcore gym heads as well as first timers. With campaigns such as ‘The Year I Succeed’ the gyms have created a really inclusive atmosphere for all.

A set of underground gym poster designs
Underground gym flyer designs
A diet and workout booklet design


Multiple sites, speciality equipment, variable timetables and even online classes, the website is a vital tool for the company. It markets to potential customers as well as catering to the needs of its current clientele. Promotional videos, class imagery, personal trainer bios, timetables and virtual tours are just a few of the features.

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We have worked closely with Greg since the start of our journey. As we have grown so our branding and marketing has evolved. We also began to understand the need to appeal to a broader market. It is important that these sorts of changes are done with care and consideration lest you lose the core of what you truly are as a brand, we definitely did not want to go from an edgy and cool brand to a vanilla, middle of the road offering.

Greg has been at our sides throughout this and has always worked well with the remit that he has been given. We have retained our identity, and through Greg’s design around our marketing and the website, we have a perfect platform to push on to bigger and better things.

Alan McGuiness Director
Greg's attention to detail is something that sets him apart from other designers we have used. Greg has a good eye for spotting what is trending and what could enhance the image of the brand. Underground Gym is part of a very competitive market so it is crucial we stand head and shoulders above our competitors, which I am proud to say we do.
Sol Gilbert Director